Import Car To Pakistan

Export New and Used Cars From the UK to Pakistan!

CarLuv specializes in shipping vehicles from the UK to locations all over the world, including Pakistan. 

We are renowned exporting experts who are capable not only of sourcing a flawless vehicle but also of simplifying the entire shipping process to avoid headaches and hassles. 

The relationships we have established with leading export companies around the world allow us to export not just cars, but also vans, tractors, motorhomes, motorbikes, pick-up trucks, and construction vehicles of any kind. 

As such, CarLuv provides expert service to Pakistan and many other countries around the world. Our showroom is full of every vehicle you could imagine, but if you’re looking for bespoke vehicles, our exclusive motor retail network will allow us to find whatever you need. 

We can even export vehicles from dealerships that don’t provide exporting services to Pakistan. Here at CarLuv, we don’t only offer shipping, we also provide VAT Reclaim service!

Our export services to Pakistan are thorough and hassle-free. Before you even get your vehicle, you will receive all the important documents right at home. When the vehicle finally arrives, you will be able to take it for a spin right then and there. No waiting periods!

Every vehicle we provide goes through a complete inspection and we service them before we ship them out. Our team of trained technicians work hard to make sure everything is as it should. 

We also provide additional services if you wish, whether you want side steps, privacy glass, paintwork, roof rails, leather seats, or roof boxes, we will make it happen!

CarLuv Services Pakistan Services

  • We procure vehicles for export. 
  • We offer trade-to-trade services.
  • Our sales are completely private. 
  • We offer complete logistic and shipping services. 
  • UK import sales.
  • VAT reclaim services.
  • VAT-free sales.
  • We assist you with registration and shipment paperwork

Why Use CarLuv to Export a Car to Pakistan?

PASSION. Cars are our biggest passion, which is what drives us to provide exceptional services. Browse through our stock to find options such as sports cars and more, all of them picked personally by professionals. 

HIGH-QUALITY STOCK. All our vehicles are fully serviced and they go through rigorous MOTs and HPI checks to provide the best quality. 

VAT-FREE SALES. You can get the vehicle of your dreams and still save thousands! Save as much as 20% through our services. 

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. We guarantee 100% satisfaction, so you will be more than happy with our vehicle export services to Pakistan. 

TRANQUILITY AND CONFIDENCE. Exporting a vehicle can be such a hassle, but not with CarLuv. Our thousands of customer references and reviews speak for themselves, so don’t hesitate to check them out. 

FAST VEHICLE EXPORT. We provide the fastest services to export a car from UK to Pakistan. CarLuv’s incredible shipping network works like a well-oiled machine!

Your Courier Will Provide You With…

  • An updated service history. 
  • A complete HPI certification. 
  • A manufacturer’s book pack.
  • Bill of lading.
  • A locking wheel nut, if applicable. 
  • A spare key. 
  • A V5 logbook. 

CarLuv’s Pre-Export Inspections

Exporting a car to Pakistan may seem like a daunting experience, but that’s where CarLuv comes in. Our wealth of exporting experience has allowed us to refine our process and make it as efficient as possible.

We have been in the business since 1970, so you can rest assured we know everything about the strict processes that are defined by the import regulations of each country. 

The pre-export inspections we provide are tailored to guarantee that shipping runs as smoothly as possible, so you can take your vehicle for a spin as soon as it’s out of the container.

Exports to Karachi: RORO or Container

Here at CarLuv, we professionally ship new and used vehicles from the UK to Karachi. We do this by RORO or by container services, whether dedicated or shared. 

As independent specialists in shipping vehicles, we can export your car, van, truck, or bus to Karachi from Southampton, Bristol, or Tilbury, through one of the 3 available options the Pakistani customs provide.

Our monthly RORO car shipping service to Karachi only sets out from the Southampton port. Transit from port to port takes an average of 32 days and RORO provides excellent rates for customers who want to ship any kind of rolling cargo to Pakistan. Just keep in mind RORO services are exclusive to heavy cargo. 

We also provide container services to Karachi each week, which leave from the Tilbury port. It costs £1,895 to ship a vehicle on a 20-feet container, and £2,295 to ship two vehicles on a 40-feet container. Our rates include UK customs clearance, loading, securing, shipping, and we take photos throughout the loading process.

Can My Car Be Shipped to Pakistan?

It’s only possible for Pakistani nationals to import used vehicles through three options; transfer of residence, gift, or personal baggage. All of these options require the used vehicle to not be older than three years from its manufacture date. 

If you are considering the transfer of residence or gift options, you must have remained outside of the country for 3 years from the import date. With the personal baggage option, you must have remained outside of the country for 7 months from the application date.

Car Collection Services in the UK

These CarLuv services are carried out by insured professional drivers or multi-vehicle car carriers that operate all over the country. Whether you need to ship a vehicle or ten, we will be able to help!

We are able to ship from Felixstowe, Southampton, and England to either the Port of Karachi or the Port of Gwadar.

Export a Car to Pakistan

  • UK Customs entry.
  • Pakistan Customs entry. 
  • MPI bodywork inspection and reconditioning (if required).
  • Pakistani Structural Border Inspection.
  • The vehicle will be insured while in our care.
  • Delivery will be done to the Pakistani center you choose
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