Import a Car from the UK to Uganda

Do you want to import a car from the UK to Uganda? We offer a professional car import service that makes it easy to import your car. You are assured of peace of mind while your car is exported from the UK to Mombasa. Your car can be cleared in Mombasa and delivered in Kampala while making sure you have the needed car import experience. Our sales team will tailor your car import service to what you need.

Let Us Find & Ship Your Dream Car to Kampala

How It Works:

  1. Enter Details below to receive car quotes with photos.
  2. We will send you a selection of cars matching your requirements within 24 hours.
  3. You select a car from the list and we send you a pro-forma invoice including shipping, clearing and forwarding.
  4. You pay for the car plus shipping cost and we take the vehicle to port for the next available ship.
  5. We DHL the bill of lading, logbook, spare key and test certificate directly to you.
  6. We introduce you to our clearing and forwarding agent and you pay them the C&F charges.
  7. Your car is delivered to your home!

Enter Details to Receive Car Quotes with Photos

Uganda Car Sourcing & Shipping

Our service includes:

  •  Service provision for everything you need to import your vehicle to the Port of Mombasa.
  •  Tailored sourcing of your car from purchase, inspection, and collection.
  •  Safe storage of your car until it is ready to be transported to the port.
  •  Paintwork recondition if needed
  •  Mileage checks and reports
  •  All required inspections before export
  •  Transporting your car to the departure port (transportation on a trailer for new cars)
  •  Fully comprehensive insurance all through the car’s UK journey
  •  High-level marine insurance during shipment.
  •  DHL of all original documentation and vulnerable loose items to your or your agent.

CIF Shipping Service to Mombasa

When exporting cars to Uganda, the car is shipped and insured to the Port of Mombasa. We offer a price that includes all shipping and insurance costs to the docks to eliminate surprises. The pricing also includes complete clearing and delivery service to Kampala with an agent to take care of importing the car to Uganda. We offer a flexible import service which enables you to buy the needed car import service. Our service also gives you the confidence that your car will be professionally handled and imported to Kampala. Contact our sales team for a free quote and more information on how to import your car.

Clearing and Registration Service

The clearing and registration service shares every detail our recommended agent will carry out to get your car on Kampala road.

Our Top Exporting Countries

  • Unloading of goods from container (optional)
  • Mombasa Port charges
  • Comprehensive car insurance for your car until
    it reaches Kampala

Our Top Exporting Countries

  •  Transportation inland
  •  Customs, duties & taxes, including VAT and withholding tax.
  •  Environment levy for cars that are over eight years old.
  •  Infrastructure levy
  •  Registration of the car
  •  Kampala Bond charges
  •  Inspection and full valet before the delivery of the car
  • Fees for clearing agents

The Car Import Process

It takes 40 days to import from the UK from the moment your car is identified to the time it reaches Mombasa Port. We are careful in making sure that your car reaches its destination in its best condition. Your car will be insured for its value and not its weight from the minute we collect it to the time it arrives in the dry land. We take care of all the pre-export checks. We also repair minor abrasions for free. You can make any modifications at this point according to your preferences. When ready, the car is shipped to you, and all the paperwork is sent through DHL for safe delivery. All cars are shipped using a container or roll on roll off to the port of Mombasa.

Day 1: We identify your car, receive a deposit, and purchase the car on your behalf.

Day 2 to Day 8: We collect the car, inspect it, and deliver it to the UK port.

Day 9 to Day 39: The car is loaded and shipped to Mombasa Port

Our representative in Kenya will make a personal handover or continue the journey to Kampala.

Documents you will receive by post

While your car is being shipped, car documentation will be sent to your preferred address, commonly you or a chosen clearing agent. The documents include:

HPI certificate

Service history

V5 Logbook

Bill of Lading

inspection documents’

Spare Key if applicable

Locking Wheel if applicable

Manufacturers Book Pack

Import requirements for Uganda

Importing a used car into Uganda is simple because there are minimal restrictions on the vehicle. However, the car must pass the pre-export inspection with Jevic. The following are documents required to clear your second-hand car from Customs

Airway Bill or Bill of lading


Logbook or registration book

Pre-shipment inspection certificate from Jevic

*Required Information

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