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UK Car Sourcing & Export to Kenya

We are UK to Kenya car export specialists shipping new and used vehicles to Mombasa and clearing and forwarding up to Nairobi.

You can send a request via the WhatsApp green button or enter your desired car details below to receive Car quotes with photos.

We will promptly provide you with every detail you may need, such as the availability of your desired vehicle in the UK market, best price and condition.

Free UK Car Sourcing & Export Service

How it Works

  1. Enter Details below to receive car quotes with photos.
  2. We will send you a selection of cars matching your requirements within 24 hours.
  3. You select a car from the list and we send you a pro-forma invoice including shipping, clearing and forwarding.
  4. You pay for the car plus shipping cost and we take the vehicle to port for the next available ship to Mombasa.
  5. We DHL the bill of lading, logbook, spare key and test certificate directly to you.
  6. We introduce you to our clearing and forwarding agent and you pay them the C&F charges.
  7. Your car is delivered to your home!

Enter Details to Receive Car Quotes with Photos

    RORO & Container Shipping to Mombasa

    We have a ship that sails from the UK fortnight. Your car will be exported to your desired delivery port or to a port where you can individually collect your car. We use RoRo shipping and Container Shipping methods.

    RoRo Shipping

    Roll on Roll off (RoRo) shipping

    This method is where the car is driven in and out of the ship. This shipping method is cheaper and most commonly used method.

    RoRo Shipping Charges to Mombasa

    From Tilbury / Sheerness / Immingham Ports

     – £920 (Saloon / Sedan)
     – £1,200 (4×4 / SUV)

    Container Shipping

    Shipping By Container

    Container shipping your car will be secured within a shipping container and loaded onto the ship. Although container shipping is more expensive compared to RoRo shipping, it is more secure offers Mombasa or Inland Container Depot (ICD), Embakasi, Nairobi. It is most preferred if you are buying a highly valuable car, or you are sending the car alongside other items such as spare parts or household goods. Containers come in two sizes; the 20-foot and the 40-foot container. The 20-foot container is ideal for one car, while the 40-foot is ideal for two cars.

    Container Shipping Charges to Kenya

    – £1,450 (20-foot container – 1 car)
     – request (40-foot container – 2 cars)

    UK Customs & Documentation

    We will make all the customs and border entries on your behalf to ensure there are no delays or avoid the detention of your car at the Port. Apart from this, we will organize and prepare the necessary documents as needed in Kenya. These documents may include Marine insurance, UK Logbook, KEBS pre-shipment inspection certificate and receipts required for the import and shipping process. The documents will be sent to you through DHL before the arrival of the ship to allow you or your agent to initiate the clearing procedure.

    Clearing and Forwarding to Nairobi

    We will send you all the vehicle documentation of ownership and introduce you to our clearing agent in Kenya who can do all the necessary work of clearing and forwarding your car up to Nairobi.

    Kenya Car Import FAQ

    You can use our KRA vehicle duty calculator to estimate duties and taxes on this button:


    Yes, we have sales agents, local car dealers, clearing & forwarding agents in Kenya who can advice you on purchase, take payment and deliver your car locally. Ask for details by emailing [email protected].

    It takes approximately 4-6 weeks from the UK departure port to reach Mombasa by ship.

    Yes, we can reclaim your 20% VAT so you will save 20% when importing a VAT qualifying vehicle. A VAT qualifying car is one that has been used in a business or newly registered from a franchise dealer.

    Yes, if you are a disabled badge holder you can apply to Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to clear a car  duty free. Certain conditions must be met regarding the vehicle maximum engine capacity. Carluv has experience in clearing disabled badge holder duty free vehicles so let us know and we can advice.

    The UK Ministry of Transport (MOT) requires all vehicles over 3 years old to undergo a test which ensures roadworthiness, safety and other requirements. We ensure all vehicles have this MOT certificate in addition to its service history.

    Before exporting any car to Kenya, the car must have a Kenya Bureau of Standards inspection (KEBS) certificate. KEBS has authorized Quality Inspection Service Japan (QISJ) in UK to inspect cars before shipping to Kenya. We will make arrangements to ensure that QISJ inspects your car and the certificate couriered by DHL to you after the completion of the inspection. The inspection costs £200, which we pay directly to QISJ. However, we can include the cost in your invoice.

    We also do a HPI check to make sure the car is not stolen and mileage is genuine amongst other points..

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