Export a Vehicle from the UK to Tanzania

Our professional export service simplifies the importation of a car from the UK to Tanzania.

Pick a car of your choice, and we will export it to Dar-Es-Salaam within 30 days only. We will assist you in carefully picking your preferred vehicle in the UK and ship it to your port of choice.

Our experienced export service has a weekly delivery of cars across East Africa. Allow us to help you select your preferred car from the UK and import it for you without stress.

Let Us Find & Ship Your Dream Car to Dar Es Salaam

How It Works:

  1. Enter Details below to receive car quotes with photos.
  2. We will send you a selection of cars matching your requirements within 24 hours.
  3. You select a car from the list and we send you a pro-forma invoice including shipping, clearing and forwarding.
  4. You pay for the car plus shipping cost and we take the vehicle to port for the next available ship.
  5. We DHL the bill of lading, logbook, spare key and test certificate directly to you.
  6. We introduce you to our clearing and forwarding agent and you pay them the C&F charges.
  7. Your car is delivered to your home!

Enter Details to Receive Car Quotes with Photos

Kenya Car Sourcing & Shipping

Our service includes:

This service offers every necessary thing for your car to reach the port pf your choice.

  •  Your car is professionally sourced, purchased, inspected, and collected.
  •  Storing your car until its delivery to the port.
  •  Restoration paintwork (if necessary).
  •  Checking mileage and reporting.
  •  Pre-export inspections by the company.
  •  Delivery to the port of departure (your vehicle is transported on a trailer if its new).
  •  A full comprehensive insurance during its journey in the UK.
  •  High extent of marine insurance during shipping.
  •  DHL of all the initial documentation and sensitive loose items to you or your broker.

CIF Car Import Service to Dar-es-Salaam (CIF)

Our CIF car import service prudently exports your car with insurance to Dar-Es-Salaam. Our prices include all the shipping and insurance charges to the ports not to be surprised during the process. We will gladly recommend our approved broker to handle your car from when it arrives at the ports to the time you receive it. You can request for their details.

The simple process of importing a car

Container shipping your car will be secured within a shipping container and loaded onto the ship. Although container shipping is more expensive compared to RoRo shipping, it is more secure offers Mombasa or Inland Container Depot (ICD), Embakasi, Nairobi. It is most preferred if you are buying a highly valuable car, or you are sending the car alongside other items such as spare parts or household goods. Containers come in two sizes; the 20-foot and the 40-foot container. The 20-foot container is ideal for one car, while the 40-foot is ideal for two cars.

Day 1: Identification of the car, receipt of deposit, purchasing the car.

Day 2 to Day 8: Collecting the car, inspecting, and delivering to the port.

Day 9 to Day 29: Loading and shipping the car to Dar-es-Salaam.

Tanzanian import requirements

Tanzania does not have restrictions on the import age of vehicles. Import duties, fees, and taxes will be applicable, and cars older than ten years attract more charges. We advise you to seek the assistance of a licensed clearing agent. Please feel free to inquire about our approved. Remember to insure for your car when it arrives at either the port of Dar-Es-Salaam or when you receive your car from your agent.

UK vehicles offer an excellent alternative for Tanzanians to save your funds and having the time-tested standard. Nevertheless, it is essential to be familiar with the import duties, regulations, and other associated costs that the the Tanzania  car import Revenue Authority tax office has set before shipping your vehicle car from UK into Tanzania.

Used car import to Tanzania

Imported used UK cars will be delivered to Dar-es-Salaam maritime port. Tanzania does not restrict the year of manufacture of a used vehicle when importing from UK.

Nevertheless, remember that the age of the vehicle will dictate the amount of tax. For instance, an older car will attract higher taxes. Cars which are more than ten years old attract more charges. Importers have to make sure that they import cars that are not more than ten years old.

Tanzanian car imports duties and taxes

Import duty for commuter vans, lorries, pick-up trucks, and buses attracts a 15% charge, 20% VAT, and 0% excise duty. These taxes total to approximately 32% of the taxable value of the car. The import duty for vehicles whose engine capacity is between 0 and 1000 cc is 25%, 0% excise duty, and 20% VAT.The import duty for cars whose engine capacity range between 1001 to 2000cc, is 25%, 18%VAT, and 5% excise duty. Non-utility vehicles with engine capacities of over 2000cc attract a 25% import duty, 20% VAT, and 10% excise duty.

Excise Duties on Imports

In regards to cars, excise duty is a form of tax levied on luxury vehicles initiated by the government to assist in more revenue collection. The Tanzania Revenue Authority carries out all activities related to Tanzanian revenue collection.

Additional Import Fees & Taxes

Additionally, the import declaration fees is computed as (Free on Board) FOB Price multiplied by 1.12 plus $10. The charge is multiplied by the number of cars an individual is importing. Vehicles more than eight years old from their production date attract an age excise duty of 20%. If you still have questions about the full pricing of importing to Tanzania, there is a used car import calculator on the TRA website for your reference.

Tanzanian car imports duties and taxes

UK conducts roadworthiness tests on all second-hand or brand new cars, which are to be exported to Tanzania. Thus, importers should not be concerned about importing cars that are not suitable to be used on the road. The UK requires all cars over 3 year old to conduct roadworthiness tests and provide the necessary MOT certificates.

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