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Get your car imported from the UK to Mauritius VAT-free. Let our car dealers handle everything from importing cars from the UK to customs clearance and shipment.

We are the UK-based, most reliable, and professional vehicle exporters that handle car sourcing and export shipping to Mauritius.

With years of experience in importing cars from the UK, we make importing your car from UK to Mauritius easier than you think. Please fill out the form below to receive a quote and images of the vehicle you want to buy in the UK.

Mauritius Car Sourcing & Export Service

How it Works
  1. Enter Details Below to receive car quotes with photos.
  2. We will send you a selection of cars matching your requirements within 24 hours.
  3. You select a car from the list, and we send you a pro-forma invoice including shipping, clearing, and forwarding.
  4. You pay for the car plus shipping cost and we take the vehicle to port for the next available ship to Mombasa.
  5. We DHL the bill of lading, logbook, spare key and test certificate directly to you.
  6. We introduce you to our clearing and forwarding agent and you pay them the C&F charges.
  7. Your car is delivered to your home!
Kenya Car Sourcing & Shipping

Leading Car Exporters in the UK

We will guide you all the way from choosing the right car for you, assisting with import permit application, getting the registration certificate, vehicle shipment and making sure that your car arrives in Mauritius free from all taxes.


To Import Car To Mauritius:

You need an import permit and certification from Bureau Veritas to import a second-hand car.

Documents needed to clear a second-hand car are:

  • Proof of Ownership
  • Original bill of sale
  • Bill of lading / Airway Bill
  • PSI (Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate) from Bureau Veritas
  • V5 Logbook

Car Export Shipping to Mauritius

We are professional and reliable car dealers that provide fast, efficient, and reliable international car export and shipment services whether the cars are purchased through our car dealers or located elsewhere in the UK. Choose between shipping it to Port Louis, Mauritius (for a cost-effective shipment), or one of the nearest desired ports.

We have a weekly shipment from the UK. We provide two types of car shipping services from the UK to Mauritius; container shipping and Roll on Roll off shipping.


Roll on Roll off Shipping

Roll-on Roll-off shipping is a cost-effective option for shipping cars because it is a quick and easy method of transporting vehicles from the UK to Mauritius. The main advantage of using this method is that your vehicle will be driven onto the ship at the UK departure port. You will drive it off the ship when it arrives at the final destination Port Louis in Mauritius.


Container Shipping

Container shipping is a safe and quick method to ship expensive items like cars, motorbikes, and personal items. We can pick up the vehicles from your home or a dealer and ship them to the port at which the container is located. Or bring the container directly to your house, where the vehicle will be loaded inside the shipping container.

When shipping via container, there are two sizes options: a 20-foot container (fits one car) or a 40-foot container (holds more than one).


Shipping Other Vehicles

Contact us for shipping of trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, and motorhomes. We will supply you with our current rates based on the dimensions of the units.



  • Age Limit?

Used car must be at least eighteen months old but not older than forty-eight months when shipped.

  • What about left-handed cars?

Currently, Mauritius does not allow the import of Left-Hand Drive vehicles.

  • What documentation is required by the Customs and Excise Department?

Original invoices and bill of lading, An import permit.

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