Range Rover Export from UK to Kenya by CarLuv

Range Rover Export from UK to Kenya by CarLuv

Here at Carluv UK, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke car sourcing services for our valued clients. We recently had the pleasure of assisting our client, Jacob, in procuring and exporting a Range Rover from the UK to Kenya. Here is a step-by-step guide on how we made it happen.

Jacob’s Range Rover Requirements

Jacob approached us with specific car requirements. He used our car sourcing form and requested a Range Rover with the following features:

  • A sleek black exterior
  • A luxurious cream leather interior
  • Low mileage

Carluv UK’s Successful Car Sourcing

At Carluv UK, we’re passionate about matching clients with their dream cars. Upon receiving Jacob’s form, we swiftly started our search. Thanks to our extensive connections and expertise in the industry, we found a perfect match for Jacob, a Range Rover that met all his specified requirements.

Vehicle Export from UK to Mombasa

After identifying the perfect vehicle for Jacob, we handled the export process. The steps included:

  1. Preparing the necessary export documentation
  2. Arranging for the vehicle’s safe transit from the UK to Mombasa, Kenya

Throughout the process, we kept Jacob updated on every key development.

Vehicle Clearing and Forwarding in Mombasa

To ensure a smooth handover, we engaged our trusted clearing agent in Mombasa. The agent’s responsibilities were:

  • Handling all customs-related procedures
  • Paying any import-related charges
  • Ensuring the Range Rover was ready for forwarding to Nairobi

Our agent’s expertise ensured the vehicle cleared customs quickly and without any hitches.

The Final Delivery in Nairobi

Once the vehicle was cleared in Mombasa, we arranged for its delivery to Jacob in Nairobi. We made sure the Range Rover arrived in the exact condition as when it left the UK. Jacob was overjoyed to receive his dream car, a testament to the quality of our service.


From sourcing Jacob’s desired Range Rover in the UK to its successful delivery in Nairobi, this process highlighted Carluv UK’s commitment to offering seamless, end-to-end car sourcing and exporting services. Jacob’s delight at receiving his dream car was the ultimate affirmation of our quality service.

Are you seeking a specific car model? Or perhaps you want to import a car from the UK to Kenya or any other part of the world? Fill in our car sourcing form today and let Carluv UK make your dream car a reality. For more information, feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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